Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The differences of sons.

Liam and Roman Where to start? Liam was immediately a great sleeper, Roman wasn't. AT ALL. It took him about a month to even sleep at least 3 hours, then, one night it was 4 then 5 then 7. OH MY!!! Sleep is a beautiful thing isn't it? I almost forgot. Liam is built like his daddy, short legs and stout and loves being cuddled. His love language is physical touch. Roman has long long legs like his mom and a tiny head, the opposite of Liam. Liams head is huge. No wonder it took him a while to be able to hold his head up lol. Roman has already started to hold his tiny head up pretty well. We joke that Liam has the biggest widest feet while Roman has the smallest feet ever. Almost like a preemie. One thing I noticed about Roman, is that even though he likes being held, he seems to not like being touched. Almost like an extra sensitivity to touch. Isn't there a diagnosis called extra sensory something something? It is like everything is exxagerated for him. I hope I am wrong. I would hate for him to shy away from a comforting touch in his adult years. Surely it would push others away. Don't want that. Everytime I rub his leg, stomach, back or anything. He tenses up and just kinda grunts like he just wants me to stop. Strange but it is him, so I will love him anyway. Liam was born on a odd icy snowy day in Dallas, Tx. And took about 2 days and 45 minutes of easy going laid back laughter filled "hard labor". Yes, I am bragging, I can ya know. I squeezed a baby out of a difficult region so there ya go lol. Roman on the other hand had me thinking he would be here sooner than he was. I awoke one morning and my water had broke, and 5 minutes later, my contractions were already 5 minutes apart. OUCHIE!!!! This was 7:45am. I had Roman at 4:54pm after only 10 minutes of pushing, but this labor was super exhausting, moreso than the first. Never understood why. Liam is a natural born attention getter/seeker. I think Roman will be more reserved and maybe even a little bit on the high strung side. We shall see. So that is all for now, I will post more as they both grow into more of their own identities. Such a blessing to think I had these boys, and so thankful that my post partum has let up to allow me to bond with Roman, because the first three weeks, I didn't want anything to do with him. Now I breathe him in every time he is in my arms and thank God for him. I didn't have to be allowed to have one even two children, so I am blessed beyond what I deserve. He is my "little stinky butt" and Liam is my "big stinky butt". And I will love them always : )

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